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Joan of Arc's Walk of Faith
Inspirational email devotionals for daily living

Frequency: 10 or more per month for one year
Delivery Method: email
Delivery Format: HTML or Plain Text

Welcome, Joan of Arc Enthusiasts,
While writing my book about Joan, Ever Before My Eyes, I continually came back to three things: the words she spoke, the historical time period in which she lived and her Catholic faith. Steeping myself in Joan's experience, I began looking at this amazing woman and what inspired her tremendous love for God. This process led to an examination of my own relationship with God, and out of my regular sessions, these inspirational email devotionals were born.

Joan of Arc's Walk of Faith includes:

  • Twelve months of devotional emails

  • At least ten devotionals each month

  • Joan of Arc's documented quotes

  • Historical and liturgical perspective

  • Devotions for daily living

  • Prayer of dedication

  • Delivery on the anniversary day of Joan's major historical events

  • Years of research concisely presented in rich, inspiring detail


Join now and start receiving these free devotional emails right away. To get you started, we'll also email you these helpful bonuses:

  • A timeline of Joan's life outlining the content of the email devotionals

  • A précis describing the stages of Joan of Arc's spiritual development

  • A four step technique to enrich your spiritual reading

You are also invited to view and participate in the Joan of Arc's Walk of Faith discussion group in the chat forum under the topic "Devotionals". You can see what others are saying about Joan of Arc's quotes and wisdom, post your own topics, ask questions and share your own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Remember, the devotionals are currently free, and you may unsubscribe at anytime.

These inspirational emails are for everybody: youth, teens, men and women, regardless of your religious affiliation. Joan of Arc's wisdom has not died but is very much alive and can be applied to all of our lives. This wisdom and her virtuous way of life is what I'd like to share with you. I hope you consider signing up today.

K. Johnston



I would like the Joan of Arc's Walk of Faith email devotionals to be available to anyone who is interested. If you're able, please consider donating any amount towards the expense of providing them. Thank you.

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