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Chris Snidow's CD 'Daughter of God, Joan of Arc'

Odd numbered tracks are Joan of Arc quotes in French. Even numbered tracks are musical.
Listen to samples below.

2. With You (Daughter of God)
4. The Fairy Tree
5. 'Voices' in the Light Intro
6. 'Voices' in the Light
8. The Court of Chinon
10. Orleans
12. Heaven's Help
14. The Will
16. Conduit
18. Floater
20. Nothing Left to Do
22. The Great Victory

Daughter of God, Joan of Arc
by Chris Snidow
$18 including USA shipping
$22 including shipping outside USA

Delivery Method: USPS First Class
Tracks: 22
Run Time: 49 minutes

This CD is dedicated to the most attested figure in history up to the sixteenth century. Its diverse musical coloring includes contemporary instrumental, new age, classical, jazz and ambient. Each composition is introduced by a Joan of Arc quote in French. The fourteen page CD booklet contains a wealth of information including the English translation of Joan of Arc's quotes and relevant Bible verses.

"Snidow does an outstanding job of bringing the story of this remarkable woman to life with music that is spiritually uplifting, including powerful melodies that often reach peaks of full symphonic majesty." -- Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations

Daughter of God, Joan of Arc has the honor and distinction of being sold in these cathedrals of France:
               Basilica of Domremy
               Chapelle of Bermont
               Sainte-Croix of Orléans

Order Chris Snidow's critically acclaimed CD today for immediate USPS First Class delivery.

$18 CD shipping to USA
$22 CD shipping outside USA


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