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Jehanne: Portraits of a Saint


Joan of Arc

Journey Through Images with Sojourn Photography
into the life of Saint Joan of Arc. Fine art portraits
tell the story of a young maid destined to become
the patron saint of France.  Visit the photo galleries
or see the interactive map of her journey.

"In the name of God! let us go on Bravely!"

The Portraits
Chronologically explore the life of Joan of Arc through
beautiful portraits and share the photographer's
passion for the embodiment of virtue.  See the
cathedrals and cities she visited and the homage
paid to her today.

Commemorate the spirit of Jehanne d'Arc with a
quality fine art photograph!  They are the perfect
decor for your home, church or office.

Her Journey
Read Joan of Arc's epic story of her mission to do
God's work.  Follow her path from Domremy to Rouen
on the interactive map.


Screensaver for Windows
More than twenty-five images and scripts taking you through the life of Saint Joan of Arc.
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Annual French Pilgrimage
Celebrate Joan of Arc with an intimate pilgrimage focusing on simplicity and quality of experience.
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Music CD
The critically acclaimed music CD "Daughter of God, Joan of Arc" by Chris Snidow is now available.
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Joan of Arc eBooks
Volume 1, Child of God, is available now. Join the newsletter for Volume 2 release notification.
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